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Bearpaw Products donates Spanish 3D Championship in La Vall d’Uxo (Valencia)

On the weekend of 2nd and 3rd July 2011 at La Vall d’Uxo (Castellón – close to Valencia) the 6th Championship “Forest Tours Autonomy 3D” and 1st Championship at „Team 3D Autonomy“ had been held. The championship was organized and conducted by the President of the Valencian Federation of Archery, Mr. Julia Córdoba.

Attendance at the championship was good, 48 archers registered, but a little lower than other years (60/65 archers) because it coincided with 3 other competitions. It was the last competition of the League of Valencia, the Outdoor Championships and Autonomy 3D Championships.

The competitions of the weekend consisted of:
1st competition was on Saturday and it was competed by teams formed by 3 archers with different models of arc competing online on 8 targets 3D, totally 6 teams (18 archers) The archers had a great time.
2nd competition was on Sunday and it was held the main event! This was attended by 48 archers, among whom were Sonia Gimeno, current Reserve Champion Spain arc Naked, Esther Grimaldos No. 3 in Spain in Recurve bow for 3 years and current elite athletes of Valencia and Javier Terol also 3rd of Spain in Recurve bow at the meeting. They are all archers of Valencia!

The test consisted of two rounds 3D figures with 20 each, with a break between tours that GM Markus Lehman from Hotel Casa Lehmi gave the athletes a very nicely a little watermelon to cool down.

At the end of the championship the trophy presentation of and the donation of draw gifts from Bearpaw Products, 3D figures, quivers and 2 arcs were drawn from the participating clubs and archers. The delivery was attended by: Markus on behalf of Bearpaw Products, the Ruler of Sports City of Vall d’Uxo, the President of the Valencian Federation of Archery and the representatives of all participating clubs, also the hands of innocent children Susi and Markus, who extracted the names of the winners of the gifts of Bearpaw. The delivery of these gifts was a real party and perhaps the most anticipated moment of the day!!

Additionally, Bearpaw Products were presented by Markus Lehman and his team during the championship at a little booth. Many archers took the chance and visited the booth. They were very impressed particularly about 3D figures, arcs and other high quality products from Bearpaw Products! Thanks to Markus being at the forefront for Bearpaw!

I think it was a good idea to present your products, because many people came to the table that Markus and Sue rode to ask about the material presented also held where the competition is a natural area visited by tourists, it has the longest underground river in Europe, and some of them stayed to see the trophy and gifts.

Parallel to the championship on Saturday evening, a meeting was held to establish the timing of the Championships League 2011-2012 and 3D Lehmi House will have the 1st of the competitions in October!
Bearpaw Products deeply appreciates the effort of Julio Córdoba and Markus Lehman and their teams.

sign. Harald Fischer