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Bearpaw Products presents their all new carbon shafts

Produktion_1In 2015 Bearpaw Products has had enormous difficulties with its carbon shafts. The tolerances in the field of spine values, weight and in the durability were enormous. The spine values of 800 and 600 did not have enough strength and therefore durability. Also the manufacturer of our Penthalon carbon shafts could not deliver on their promises in terms of quality or availability.

Unfortunately before the problems with our Hunter carbon shafts were known Bearpaw did not implement enough testing prior to their release. We have learned from these mistakes and performed the development of our new generation of Penthalon carbon shafts with very intense and extensive testing.

The carbon shafts and their image are a very important part of overall business for Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products, with this in mind Henry personally took on the task of overseeing this very intensive project. Many test runs and practice pieces were produced and tested . Around the world our chosen archers put the new Carbon arrows through some extreme conditions, including  3D and roving, and have tested them intensively.

Produktion_2Prior to launch, and as a final check, Henry Bodnik visited the production site of our carbon shafts. It was necessary to ensure that the new manufacturer and partner could ensure both quality and punctual, regular deliveries.

Produktion_6Henry Bodnik  was visibly impressed by the quality of what he saw there. The manufacturing process, the company structure, the cleanliness of the production area and the development work processes are exceptionally good even for China. All this creates the perfect foundation to move ahead with the new and high-quality Penthalon carbon shafts.

Produktion_3Much of the machinery used is special “in-house developed” machines and were designed and constructed by the company themselves. These machines are the reason for punctual and cost effective production.

Produktion_4Using laser technology the straightness and roundness of each carbon shaft is measured. The shafts are subjected to continuous quality checks in many areas.

Produktion_5With this report we wanted to offer you a little insight into the production of our new Penthalon carbon shafts. We are directly overseeing the production process to ensure improvements in quality and the supply capacity of the manufacturer continues.

Penthalon Hunter ExtremeRelease of the new Penthalon Carbon shafts 12.12.2015

On 12 December we will publish all the details about our new Carbon arrows on the blog and we will also make them available via the Bearpaw online shop.

We were able to introduce tremendous changes and advantages in terms of quality and pricing. All Bearpaw dealers were informed well in advance so the new Penthalon Carbon arrows will be available even with your dealer.

Ask your dealer about the new Penthalon Carbon arrows from Bearpaw Products

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Penthalon Extreme Hunter