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Bearpaw Products Provides the kids bows!

If you have a family you will know that the children are your whole world! It is particularly embarrassing therefore when one sees the deficient and unaesthetic “cast off” bows and arrows that some kids are given to experience their first steps in archery!

How can you have fun when the arrow just doesnt work properly and the bow is ugly as hell?

At Bearpaw we think it should be done differently!

  • Kids archery should be fun
  • Kids should have a great looking and functioning bow
  • Kids should have a bow that they are proud to own

Over the past year, together with our manufacturer, we have developed two beautiful children’s bows. Just look at how much fun Erik had when he tried out his first shots with the Little Sioux.

With the Little Sioux and Little Mingo we have developed two children’s bows which we believe meet all the necessary requirements. We have successfully built these two bows for the 4 – 8 years age group. The bow length and draw weight are matched perfectly to this age group! In addition, we have put archery sets together for both of these bows. The ideal way for our small archers to get started straight away. The new arm guard kids Deluxe Mini fits kids of this age group perfectly.


The price is also very important for the first bow. Naturally it should not cost a huge amount!

More information and technical details about our Kids Bows can be found by clicking on the link to the individual bows!

Bow sets incl. 3 wooden arrow youth standard, Shooting glove XXS, Side quiver Kiddy und Arm guard Kids Deluxe Mini!

Of course Erik really wanted to shoot the Recurve! Although the choice was really difficult!

Just take a look how much fun it is to shoot the Penthalon Little Mingo !

Our Kids are the best!

The new Penthalon Kids Bows are available via all well stocked Bearpaw dealers or direct via the Bearpaw Shop!

Link Kids Bows

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