Bearpaw Products says Thank you!

We thank our countless customers and fans of our products, our philosophy and our great brand Bearpaw Products. You have given us and made ​​possible a great year in 2012. Only with you, it is possible for us from Bearpaw Products to be on our way. We take this as an incentive and confirmation to proceed on our path.

A great year with many, many highlights and innovations has come to an end. Out of the many events, I want to put the two most important in focus to stress their meaning.

1. Bearpaw gives their Bodnik Bows a 30-year warranty and defines the life of a bow anew.
One year after the launch of our “2 generations guarantee”there is no other bowyer or bow maker to our knowledge who provides such a guarantee. It is not for no reason that Byron Ferguson says “Bodnik Bows are great”.

2. Bearpaw Products and Gold Tip set a new course with the Warrior carbon shaft.
Price and performance in a winning combination. Bearpaw Products and Gold Tip make an unbeatable carbon shaft in the spine values ​​320, 400, 500 and 600. In our opinion, their price and performance are unbeatable. Spine value 700 will be available from February 2013.

Henry and Dorothea Bodnik with family and the entire Bearpaw Team say thank you and wish you all a great and happy 2013!

Bearpaw Products 2013