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Bearpaw Products and Longlife now offer a realistic 3D Otter!

60415-Longlife-Otter-MoodLonglife & Bearpaw Products introduce a new 3D Otter target!

Here at Bearpaw we are pleased to see that the folks at LongLife have decided to create a new target to enrich the archery experience on archery courses and 3D tournaments everywhere. All Longlife 3D targets are known throughout Europe and North America for their realistic looks and their impressive durability. These targets are crafted with great attention to detail so these animals look real and add to the experience archers enjoy when “hunting” and shooting them.

We’re proud to announce our new Otter 3D target from Longlife!

Click Here for the LongLife Otter


Otters (Lutrinae) –  also called Watermarten – are an amphibian subfamily of the marten (Mustelidae). Otters are almost everywhere in the world, they are only missing in Australia and on remote islands. They live mainly at the water. They are excellent swimmers and divers and have settled all varieties of inland waters and even rocky sea coasts. Among otters the largest representatives of this family are the giant otter and sea otter which are approximately one meter long and weigh 22 to 45 kg. (48# – 100#)

Longlife makes wonderful 3D targets. They are very proud of the reputation their targets have earned on archery courses all around the world. Our special foam, which is standard in all Longlife 3D animal targets, significantly increases the service life. They are among the longest lasting 3D targets found anywhere! We’re also proud of the fact that All Longlife 3D targets are made in Germany.

  • Length: 65 cm (25.5″)
  • Height: 50 cm (19.5″)
  • Weight: ca. 6 kg (13 lbs)
  • Quality: Made in Germany


  • Stops all arrows
  • Arrows are easy to pull out
  • Target material is UV-resistant
  • Target material weatherproof
  • Target material is self closing, “Longlife self healing effect.”
  • Target has a very natural, lifelike look

Click Here for the LongLife Otter