Bearpaw Romania is online

romania_8Finally the time has come!!

Bearpaw Romania is online

There was a lot of work to do for Alin Andreica before he was able to get his Webshop Bearpaw Romania online. Many Romanian archers are ardent fans of Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows and they now have the best partner possible with Alin. Loacated in Cluj Napoca he has devoted all of his energy into instinctive archery and Bearpaw in Romania.

Alin Andreica is the man behind Bearpaw Romania. Alin Andreica is the man behind Bearpaw Romania. He will make the Bearpaw products and Bodnik Bows available to Romanian archers and ensure they also receive the legendary Bearpaw service in Romania.

romania_7The Online Shop “Bearpaw Romania” is an important step in opening up the “World of Bearpaw” to Romanian archers.

Alin Andreica’s big passion is instinctive archery and his heart lays with Bearpaw Products. Henry Bodnik and Alin Andreica met up some years ago at the Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Romania. It was very clear that here were two men with complete enthusiasm for nature and archery. Since that time Henry Bodnik has started organizing his legendary Kill Tournament Romania together with Alin and a close friendship has developed between them.


Henry and Alin developed the Gerula Horsebow for Bearpaw Romania as a partnership and have really hit the bullseye! This bows shape and design is built very close to the historical Romanian bows of old. The Bodnik Bows Gerula is exclusively distributed by Bearpaw Romania and has, of course, our great Bodnik Bows 30 year guarantee.

You can check out the Gerula Horsebow here…

Direct Link to the Gerula Horsebow

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We are sure Bearpaw Romania and Andreica Alin will do a great job for the Romanian archery!

Webshop of Bearpaw Romania…

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