Bearpaw Sponsors an upcoming star!

Bearpaw-Products are proud to announce that we are sponsoring one of the rising stars of archery in the UK!

15 year old Anna Catling already has many successes to her name and is someone to keep your eye on for the future. But the best person to tell you about her is Anna herself….

My name is Anna Catling and I am a 15 year old archer. I have just received sponsorship from Bearpaw-Products including a Bodnik Raven flatbow and I am very excited. I will tell you more about that in my next post but right now let me tell you more about myself.

I have a love of the outdoors, survival, archery in the more traditional sense and being mischievous!
Also bow and arrow making has been a hobby I have enjoyed for many years now. Whilst my failed experiments in bow making have kept me warm as firewood the successes adorn my bedroom walls. I started making bows from sticks I found in the woods when I was 10 years old and they began to become more and more advanced as did my arrows.

After 3 years of bow and arrow making my parents decided to sign me up to an archery club. My homemade bow and arrows were now able to cover distances of about 90 metres and my parents wanted to ensure the saftey of nearby dog walkers. I attended a 6 week beginners course. I now shoot twice a week with the Fort Purbrook Company of Bowmen based in and old Victorian fort that sits high on a hill over-looking Portsmouth. I also shoot at home and at my Grandparent’s farm when possible and I compete nationally in UK field archery.

So far I have achieved seven UK records from national animal rounds and FITA field archery rounds. I have also been to an all traditional shoot where I felt at home amongst all the traditional archers and I was stunned by the array of unusual equipment. I got my first UK record at Surrey national animal round. This was great fun and I felt motivated as the targets were innocent fluffy animals! Not only have I been to field shoots but I have also been to a target shoot. Being a field shooter, there are certain things I didn’t know about target archery. I soon found out that people get annoyed if you step up to the shooting line whilst they are aiming!

My archery coach is Daniel Hawley who is a British champion 3 times running and ex GB archer with a UK record to his name. He is a very helpful coach and puts in an incredible amount of effort to help me and any others who need it in the club. I have also met many other great friends at my archery club.

I decided to get a Bodnik bow because of all the great things I have heard about them and I think it’s amazing that they have a 30 year warranty!
I also really love the look of all the Bodnik bows. My old bow was only a 25lb draw weight and so I had trouble trying to reach longer
distances. I think that my Bearpaw Raven will be a much more efficient bow and more accurate at longer ranges as it is a much higher draw weight which hopefully will help me to increase my score and beat my previous UK records. Watch out for my next post in which I will explain my first experience of the Bearpaw Raven!

We at Bearpaw are looking forward to following Anna’s progress and sharing her story with you here on our blog!