Bearpaw Switzerland has the Greatest Say There

BP_Schweiz_2 (2)Bearpaw Products in Switzerland and Thomas Kaufmann are connected in an inseparable way for traditional archers in Switzerland. Over the last two years, Thomas has stepped on the gas and become the largest Bearpaw dealer in Switzerland. His dream of Bearpaw Switzerland has come true!

It’s no wonder with so much passion and energy for his customers and Bearpaw Products!

  BP_Schweiz_4Before Thomas Kaufmann made his way to make history with Bearpaw Switzerland, he thoroughly prepared. His ultimate credo is the expertise to consult every customer properly and sufficiently.

Thomas personally gives advice to each customer!

These are just a few of the trainings and activities which form the basis of Bearpaw Switzerland’s expertise and quality:

  • Basic and Advanced Course and additional training ins instinctive archery with Henry Bodnik
  • Instinctive Trainer`s Course at the Archery Academy
  • Professional training and dealer training with Bearpaw Products
  • Instinctive archery with passion
    BP Schweiz_1His success proves Thomas Kaufmann right!

In the course of the last 3 years, he has acquired reknown within the traditional archers’ circle. His love and specialization for the brand Bearpaw Products and instinctive archery have meanwhile spread. As  an “Underdog he wrote his own success story. Today, Thomas is largest provider of our brand in Switzerland.

BP_Schweiz_5We say thank you for this excellent work and brand loyalty. One can only guess where Thomas Kaufmann will lead Bearpaw Switzerland in the coming years. Many enthusiastic archers in Switzerland find the meeting point to buy Bearpaw products and to seek expert advice in him.

Therefore we can say with pride and conviction:

In Switzerland, Thomas Kaufmann is the specialist for Bearpaw Products !!

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