Together we can do more!

I believe that we have more influence in the world than we think. As a child, I always wanted an organization that had the courage to believe in my possibilities. An organization that would put courage in the hearts of the children once he left them. An organization that shows me that I can achieve everything in life! An organization that shows me that where it is dark, we can also find light. Our archery is a perfect example of this: whether the arrow hits the target depends entirely on you and your concentration.

I have always promised myself that one day I would pass on the values of the three special people who have always believed in me. A childhood full of school problems, the struggle with dyslexia – often the darkness was more present than the light. But my mother Dorothea and my grandparents Oscar and Annelotte never gave up and showed me that we decide for ourselves whether we get up or stay down. They showed me that we were right when we said “we can” or “we can’t”. Because of Dorothea, Oscar and Annelotte I founded the DOA Foundation because we are brave enough to believe that we can make a difference in the world with all of you!

Since 2020 we have been donating 3% per bow to the foundation. All archers who have the courage to make a difference can donate money or goods through the social media post #BEARPAW4DOA and post a picture of themselves – We will increase the amount by 10% with your post. In addition, we will cover all costs so that clothes, toys and other aids find their way to children in need. Let’s take the opportunity to make the world of children a little better with our passion for archery and donate directly to:
(don’t forget to upload a picture with the #BEARPAW4DOA 🙂 )

Donation account of the DOA Foundation.

IBAN: DE31783500000044999944
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The BEARPAW-Team and I say THANK YOU!