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Beautiful Natural Barred Feathers are Perfect for Your Very Best Arrows


When my friend Tim Cosgrove of Kustom King Archery showed me pictures of true natural barred turkey feathers with the various striped patterns and unique shades of grey and white, I was immediately hooked. I knew that I had to make these unique feathers available to all our Bearpaw dealers. I had no doubt that archers around the world would agree that these were the most beautiful feathers they had ever seen and would want to have them on their arrows! (Henry Bodnik)

Shop – Natural Barred Turkey Feathers!

We decided to really move forward at full speed and to offer these beautiful natural barred feathers – not just in the natural configuration, but also in several distinctive colors!

Take a look at the end result!

We are thrilled with the unique beauty of these natural barred feathers!

See the NEW Natural Barred Feathers Here


Natural barred feathers   are very special and unique – no two are ever exactly the same!

The natural colors and stripe patterns of these natural feathers are totally unique. We also brought back the original barred feather shapes from the good old days. We color these genuine natural striped turkey feathers with special delicate colors to give them a very natural and traditional look!!

Please note the price difference between the natural barred feathers and the colored natrural barred feathers!

  • Feather Shapes: Full length, Shield and Parabolic
  • Feather Lengths: Full length, 5 inches, 4 inches and 3 inches
  • Natural Barred Shading: Natural Barred (Various patterns of natural shading and stripes)
  • Colored Natural Barred: Natural Barred – (Various patterns of natural shading and stripes but colored in: (Blue, Pink, Violet, Green, or Yellow)

Shop – Bearpaw Natural Barred Feathers

Shop – Bearpaw Natural Feathers