Bodnik Bows are back in the fast lane!

Bogenbau_6 (2)Archers all over the world already have confidence in our “Made in Germany” quality. The reason for this is that Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products stand firmly behind every single Bodnik Bow produced.
Now we are making even more leaps forwards in the Construction of our Bodnik Bows.
Only with continuous evolution and adaptation can we guarantee our high standards of quality and continue to expand the product range. For the last 2 years the company have been investing heavily in the right people and machinery at our site in Ahorn.

Bogenbau_2Targeting the use of quality equipment is an important basis for the construction of our Bodnik Bows and their finished quality.
The 30 jährige Bodnik Bows Garantie and their conditions are absolutely unique in the world of traditional bows.

Bogenbau_1Nobody was surprised by the extremely high demand for our Bodnik Bows but it did presnt us with some major tasks.
Now, at the end of 2015, we are set once again to invest in adding more high end machinery to make sure that we are well prepared for the future.
Our Master Bowyer Jens Gemmer takes control of installing one of the new pieces of machinery personally.

Bogenbau_5We are as pleased as all of our customers that the delivery times of our Mohawks, Slick Sticks, Quick Sticks and Henry Bodnik Signature sticks have been markedly reduced.
Because of the intensive work done to improve the manufacturing site in Germany we can now produce significantly more Bodnik Bows which is sure the bring a smile to the faces of our customers.

Sincere thanks to all of our fans and customers for your patience in waiting for your Bodnik Bow (Henry Bodnik)