Bodnik Bows are becoming even better!

Bodnik Bows Tips

Today we present a new series of Bearpaw TV to you showing further improvements of our brand Bodnik Bows. Many successful and experienced archers stand behind Bodnik Bows with their enthusiasm and help us to become even better.

The tips of the bow are located at the extreme end of the limbs and have a strong influence on the shooting performance and comfort of the bow. Often, damages and cracks can occur on the string particularly in this area.

With our new design of the bow tips, we implement important properties for the fans and lovers of our Bodnik Bows.

1. Altered angle of the string prevent damages and cracks.
2. Less weight and mass increase shooting power and comfort.
3. Developments and improvements are free of charge.

To present that great improvements, Sandra Diroll presented the details in a new series of Bearpaw TV.

We step on the gas and make Bodnik Bows even better!

Bodnik Bows are great (Byron Ferguson)