Bodnik Bows Brazil


In September 2010, almost by accident, Henry Bodnik and Raul Duwe met for the first time, in the headquarter of Bearpaw in Rossach, Germany. It was the meeting of two strong personalities, in which the base of the partnership between the future founded RD Arqueria and Bearpaw was designed to develop the Brazilian market in traditional archery.

This partnership has surely contributed a lot for the fast growth of this market seen in the last 3 years, thus being considered a milestone in the history of this sport in Brazil.
So the time has come to set another milestone: the production of Bodnik Bows in Brazil! Raul is right now in Germany, defining commercial details of the new business with Henry and also working hands on in the new bows production workshop of Bearpaw to learn all technical details involved.

The planned date for starting to sell the first bow model manufactured in Brazil is beginning of 2015, it will be the RD Stick. There is a lot of work to be done, but with the unconditional support of the Bearpaw people and the determination of the Brazilian team, this further dream of many archers will be also fulfilled: high quality bows, at more affordable prices, produced in Brazil! Stay tuned in the two companies medias and follow the evolution of this ambitious project!