Bodnik Bows & Byron Ferguson

Bodnik Bows

In the opinion of the American experts and bow makers the Bodnik bows are world class bows. The Bodnik bows received a lot of attention and praise from the international dealers, distributors and bow makers. They especially emphasized the remarkably excellent quality and performance of the bows.

This shows that our many years of experience and our intensive training of our bow makers, in quality and accuracy, has resulted in excellent products. We do not need to shy away from comparing our products with the American top models.

ATA Show 2011 Henry Bodnik

While at the ATA show in Indianapolis Henry Bodnik and Byron Ferguson agreed to start a comprehensive cooperation. Byron was able to get personal experience with the Bodnik bows and was thrilled.

*“Bodnik Bows are great!”*
(Byron Ferguson)

In the future Bodnik Bows will produce the ” Z-Bow” designed by Byron Ferguson for all of Europe. Byron has also ordered his shooting gloves, his arm protectors and may be even his quiver from Bearpaw Products.

Together Henry Bodnik, Peter O. Stecher and Byron Ferguson will be developing and producing a distinct “Byron Ferguson Product-Series” for Europe. We were able to acquire and bring back to Germany a hand signed arrow from Byron as a special prize for the next “Kill” tournament in Eisenbach.

Bearpaw is making history in traditional archery.

ATA Show 2011