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Bodnik Bows Delivery Times and Market Position


Today we turn to our dealers, customers and fans on our own account. We know that the supply situation of Bodnik Bows is not only unsatisfactory for us. With all serial bows we have had between 6 to 10 weeks delivery time this year. In exceptional cases, these delivery times were even exceeded .

On the one hand, we meet the global demand for our Bodnik Bows with proud enthusiasm.
On the other hand, we certainly know that this situation is unbearable not only for our dealers, but also for their customers and of course the customers and archers in the world.
However, it encourages us on our course to maintain the efficiency and quality of Bodnik Bows on such a high level and to continue the progress.

In the following we would like to point out some reasons for this situation:

1. Worldwide sharp rise in demand for Bodnik Bows
2. Elimination of the bows of Samick from the market
3. Elimination of Martin Archery bows from the market


Below, you’ll find some information on the above points:

1. The enormous performance of our bows is appreciated by many archers in the world and “carried on”. The Bodnik Bows warranty of 30 years is unique in our industry, to our knowledge. All these points have a large momentum and have contributed to a strong increase in demand for our brand. We can neither slow down nor influence this demand. With regard to this enormous demand, we will not make any compromises in terms of quality. To maintain the quality and optimize it is our top priority.

Taking into account this credo, it is not possible to increase the production of our bows on a short term basis.

2. The company Samick produced bows in a reasonable price range. Large amounts of beautiful beginners’ bows were produced, which the archery scene also required urgently. These large amounts are missing at the moment and have to be absorbed by other manufacturers. On the short term, this is not possible and it has led to a large “hole” in the supply.

3. The company Martin Archery has also severely limited their production of traditional bows. According to our information, the business activities of Martin Archery has completely ceased. These bows have been an important part of the traditional archery scene for many years. This situation will lead to a further shortage of bow supplies.


At the moment, our stock of standard Bodnik Bows is at an all time low and common standard models are not available for weeks. This especially concerns the labor-intensive recurves, for which a longer waiting period is necessary. Currently approximately 700 bows (7 weeks production supplies) are already sold.

Solution for the delivery time of Bodnik Bows
The company Bearpaw Products has taken important and large steps to address this unsatisfactory situation and is currently working hard to realize them. As already described, this solution is not possible in the short term. There have been extensive investments made in order to significantly increase the amount of weekly production of Bodnik Bows. Already in the first quarter of 2014 we will be able to handicraft approximately 10 – 20 % more bows per week. During the second quarter, we will be able to produce 20 – 40 % more bows per week. This timespan is necessary to at the least maintain quality and performance while increasing production numbers.

Important information for our customers
All Bodnik Bows are made to order and shipped to our customers immediately after production. No customer or market is preferred in any way. For longer waiting times the approximate delivery time may be obtained from Bearpaw Products. Requests may be made directly by phone. However, we can only give you the approximate times here, too, as in the production shifts sometimes occur. Thus, for certain types of bows only certain amounts per week can be made.
For questions concerning delivery times, please contact Mrs. Brunner directly Telephone 0049 9565 616 88 120.

We thank our customers for their loyalty and understanding of this situation.

Henry M Bodnik