Bodnik Bows is a member of the Bearpaw Products Group


Each and every one of our Bodnik Bows is painstakingly crafted by skilled bowyers.
Bodnik Bows is a valued member of the Bearpaw Products Group.
Henry Bodnik and Christoph Unger contribute the brain power and skill that goes into the development of all our Bodnik Bows.  Together they work, hand in hand to decide upon every element of these bows. They are the ones responsible for the design, the materials, the looks, the physics, and the quality of every Bodnik Bow ever produced.

The actual history of Bodnik Bows started about more than 12 years ago.
For quite some time Bodnik Bows have been produced in the Czech Republic. The Czech factory is the birthplace of Bodnik Bows and our legendary 30-year Bodnik Bows Guarantee!

About three years ago Henry Bodnik and Christoph Unger decided to start the ambitious project of building a bow production facility in Germany! Prior to the opening of this manufacturing facility all Bodnik Bows were crafted by our bowyers in the Czech Republic.

What were the reasons for opening a bow production facility in Germany?
The fact is – there was such an overwhelming demand for our Bodnik Bows that we could not keep up! In 2015 alone, working at full capacity in our Czech Republic facility we still found ourselves 1500 bows behind! In order to satisfy the ever growing demand for our bows we had to expand. Our largest challenge was to build more Bodnik Bows without sacrificing our well known quality in the process. We realized that we had to open another bow manufacturing facility, but where?

We considered many plans, but eventually decided that there could be no better place to build our new bow manufacturing facility than in Germany!

We also knew that we had many talented craftsmen here in Germany and once they were trained in the crafting of longbows and recurve bows, they would do well making Bodnik Bows. For three long years we spent a great deal of energy, passion, and financial resources on this new location and in the training of our German bowyers .

For a while, we manufactured our Slick Stick, Quick Stick and our Mohawk models here in our manufacturing facility in Germany.

Unfortunately we could not successfully complete this project because we were unable to meet our own standards of quality at our facility in Germany.

It was a touch decision, but during this year, 2017, we decided to move away from our plant in Germany and to put all our energy into the further development of our bowyers and our locations in the Czech Republic. The Bodnik Bows Czech facilities have been expanded in order to be able to allow a smooth transition for us moving the manufacturing of the Slick Stick, Quick Stick longbows and the Mohawk limbs and risers to the Czech Republic.


Why was the decision clear – to expand our operations in the Czech Republic?

At our location in the Czech Republic, we have very gifted bowyers.
It is the birthplace of the Bodnik Bows and the legendary Bodnik Bows Guarantee of 30 years. We have been successfully building our Bodnik Bows in two locations for almost 15 years.

Some of the employees have been working for us for more than 10 years. We are proud of that! Crafting quality bows for Bodnik Bows is their great passion. Our employees at Bodnik Bows live for the further development of Bodnik Bows. They strive for the utmost in quality and work hard crafting Bodnik Bows and perpetuating the Bodnik Bows brand!

Bogenbau_2At Bodnik Bows we have our BEST BOWYERS! Our “Human Capital.” Our Bowyers are artists!

Each of our bowyers is passionate about their work!

We are very proud of our Bowyers!

The Czech Republic was the birth place of Bodnik Bows and our legendary 30 Year Bodnik Bows Guarantee!

This is where our Bodnik Bows have been built for many years for our loyal customers and fans of the Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows brand!


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