Bodnik Bows Kiowa with a New Face

The Kiowa is a legendary bow!
This very special bow has fans and followers all around the world.
Our Kiowa is 52 inches short and convinces with its outstanding performance and handling.
A bow to dream of!
Hunters, archers and archesses throughout the world of traditional archery are fond of this bow. Despite its tremendous maneuverability, the bow can easily be drawn to 31 inches without being uncomfortable or hard. This is due to the good work of our bow makers finishing and tuning every single inch of the limbs.
Now the Kiowa has become even more beautiful!

We have given this unique bow a facelift, so to speak.
The handle will no longer be manufactured with Zebrano wood. For many years, the combination of black Mycarta with Zebrano has given the Kiowa its looks and has served well.
Good Bye Zebrano!
We will combine the black Mycarta with reddish Bubinga in the future into a beautiful combination. Thus we can get more weight and inertia realized. The bow will not only be more beautiful, but will also achieve more accuracy. The stability of the central part will increase and the bow will be able to compensate more residual energy. We use only high quality Mycarta based on linen texture. The best material to us is just good enough for our Bodnik Bows. The limbs of our recurve bows are optimized with a layer of Stable Core from 30 lbs draw weight onwards. This is how we can guarantee the perfect working of our limbs and realize our extraordinary quality.

Concerning our Bodnik Bows, we make no compromises.
But the real reason for our facelift is actually very simple:
It has become time to make the Kiowa more beautiful and attractive!
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