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One goal of Bearpaw Products is to every day get a little bit better. We pay attention to everything and sometimes we make changes to our Bodnik Bows. When we do this, we introduce new bows. But then we still have some of the older bows on our shelves and we know that some archers will prefer the original look of bows we have changed. So, for those archers we are having a sale. If you like the original look of bows we have changed, order one now and you will save 25%!

I am looking forward to introducing some new models soon. We are working every day making bows so we will have the ability to keep up with orders and deliver them right away. Whether you order one of our original Bodnik Bows that we have on sale – or you choose one of our new Bodnik Bows – you will enjoy shooting some of the best bows in the world – and – they all come with my iron-clad 30-year guarantee!
Henry Bodnik

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