Bodnik Bows Opens New Production Site

bodnik_bows_1Bodnik Bows have become legendary and are shot all over the world by enthusiastic archers and bowhunters. Unfortunately the unbelievably high demand for our bows resulted in very long waiting times for our customers, especially for the Mohawk and Slick Stick models.

For this we sincerely apologize because we would like to send your desired Bodnik Bows immediately!

For us at Bearpaw Products the quality and performance of our Bodnik Bows are obviously top priority. We always have an active exchange of knowledge and experience with many archers from all over the world. Last week Jim Belcher of Bearpaw USA together with Henry Bodnik visited the new Bodnik Bows bow manufacturing site!

bodnik_bows_4In order to meet the overwhelming demand we have invested in a third manufacturing location. Together with 4 bowyers we have built a new Bodnik Bows workshop of almost 1000 square meters. After more than 2 months of construction work it started production in October. We are now building our bows in a total of 3 separate locations to shorten waiting times for our fans and customers of Bodnik Bows!

Here you can view even more pictures from the new Bodnik Bows workshop!

Link to Bodnik Bows New Workshop


Especially at the very beginning our new Bodnik Bows manufacturing site it is crucially important that the entire process and the individual stages are perfectly set up. Jim Belcher is one of the most well known bow builders in the world of traditional bow sport. He collaborates with many great bow builders in the US and is the Managing Director of Bearpaw USA. Being a business partner and personal friend of Henry Bodnik, he is an extremely important person behind our Bodnik Bows.


Despite the high demand we never compromise on the quality and performance of Bodnik Bows. We build up the increased numbers of units step by step. This is the only way to keep the high quality that is expected by ourselves and our customers.

Our customers, fans and archers worldwide can always rely on us! We never make compromises!

I personally support the Bodnik Bows 30 year Guarantee and indeed every single one of our Bodnik Bows (Henry Bodnik)

bodnik_bows_7We are delighted that the delivery times of our bows will not be as long in the very near future. Our customers can already purchase many Bodnik Bows directly via the Bearpaw Shop. Also many of our Bearpaw dealers can provide bows for their customers directly. However it will take some time until we have worked through the back orders of Mohawk and Slick Stick models due to the large quantity of customer orders.

In our workshop every bowyer puts all their energy into building your bow as quickly as possible!

bodnik_bows_3Our bow makers, partners and employees all work together on our great passion!

We love our Bodnik Bows and we love Bearpaw Products!

Here you can view even more pictures from the new Bodnik Bows workshop

Link to Bodnik Bows New Workshop

Our bowyers are of course very enthusiastic archers and also choose to use a Bodnik Bow as their bow of choice!


Bodnik bowyer David with his Mohawk Chief Hybrid!