Bodnik Bows shifts up a gear

Bodnik Bows Fast Flight Tauglich

All Bodnik Bows are now Flight Speed compatible.

Byron Ferguson has put the quality of our bows into a nutshell with his statement “Bodnik Bows are great.”

With the expansion of our Bodnik Bows warranty to 30 years, we have indicated our position among the leading producers in the traditional bow market.
Now we shift up a gear and level the quality of our entry-level bows with that of our more powerful bows.

All Bodnik Bows are now standard equipped with Mycarta tips and can therefore be shot with a high performance string. In this context, one can say:

“All Bodnik Bows are Speed Flight compatible”

Bodnik Bows Fast Flight Tauglich

The use of high performance materials for the string does not only influence the performance of a bow. Rather it is an epitome of quality which in our opinion should be an international standard. Because of our high quality standards we banish the low-power Traditonal Flight strings (Dacron, B55, B50, etc.) from all of our bow models. All Bodnik Bows now fulfill the high demands and correspond with a powerful Speed Flight string(Fast Flight, Spectra, Dynaflight etc.). All models with a 30 year warranty published on our website or from the production date of June 2012 onwards can be shot with a Speed Flight string.

When in doubt, the serial number on the bow includes information about the date of manufacture.

Of course, we still guarantee a lifespan of 30 years for all Bodnik Bows by Bearpaw without restriction.

Bodnik Bows are great (Byron Ferguson)

Bodnik Bows Fast Flight Tauglich