Bodnik Bows

For eight years now, we have produced Bodnik Bows according to American standards in our bow manufactory. We attach great value to details and sophisticatedly handicrafted work. We produce more than 4000 glas laminated bows handicrafted in series under the supervision of our master bowyer Christoph Unger every year. The glas laminate which we use can guarantee the special quality and efficiency of our bows. So much so, that world reknown shooter Byron Ferguson appreciatively said: “Bodnik Bows are great!”

You will be sure to find the right and reasonably-priced bow for you, whether you are looking for a budget-priced beginner’s bow or an individually handicrafted, single-piece produced custom-bow. Our bowyers do not only have long-lasting experience, they can also rely on the extensive knowledge of American bowyers as some of them have been trained in the US themselves.

You will notice the difference with the first shot.

Our bows are not called Bodnik Bows without reason. I personally guarantee for these bows with my name.

Henry M Bodnik