Bodnik Bows Warranty

The 30-year Bodnik Bows warranty :

“In the US, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all Bodnik Bows!
In Europe the legalities behind a lifetime guarantee is controversial. In Europe of course we offer the longest guarantee allowed by law – a full 30-year guarantee!

For us, selling you a bow is the beginning of a lifelong commitment. It goes beyond 30 years.

Here at Bearpaw Products we care about our relationship with our customers everywhere and so we promise to stand behind all our Bodnik Bows even beyond the 30 years!”
(Henry Bodnik)

With  the  Bodnik Bows warranty, Bearpaw Products sets a new global standard. This is unique in the world of traditional bows!

Each of the Bodnik Bows is handmade, comparable to customized quality.

Even the most inexpensive Bodnik Bow profits from our experience and passion. The work of the limbs and the performance of the bow have all the properties that are expected of a good bow. This is how we refine our bows to tools of precision.

We are convinced to 100% of the quality and efficiency of our bows. For this reason, we adapted the “life of a bow” guarantee to our high standards.

Our guarantee applies to 100% on the bow because our quality has nothing to do with the owner of the bow. Our guarantee also applies to subsequent owners of Bodnik Bows and does not lose its validity for a full 30 years. The choice of material and the weight of the used arrows do not limit our guarantee.

For all Bodnik Bows produced at and after January 1st, 2012, we garantee a 30 years warranty under the following conditions.

Warranty claim is possible under the following conditions:

  • Broken limbs
  • Limbs delaminate
  • Cracks in limbs or limb laminates
  • Fractures of middle parts
  • Cracks in middle parts
  • Fraction of tips

Non-warranty clause:

  • Bow is treated negligently or intentionally destroyed or damaged
  • Limbs twist after a bow has been in use for 6 months
  • Obvious wear and tear

In case of a  warranty claim:

The bow will be repaired if possible or replced with a new one

What this warranty means to you:

You send the bow in a package to Bearpaw Products or the retailer with whom you purchased the bow. It is extremely helpful for us, if you place the bill or a copy thereof in the package. This will significantly help us to process your service request quickly.

Doing the above, you have fulfilled your part in the processing of the warranty.

However, we kindly ask you to bear the costs for the sent-in package.

At Bearpaw Products, your bow will undergo a thorough check. Should it be possible, we will repair your bow to its full functionality. There will no costs for you.

If a repair is not possible, you will be notified and we will exchange your bow for you with a new model of the same series.

Again, there will be no costs for you, we take over the replacement costs to a full 100%.

We will send the repaired or new bow to you and will be happy to bear the delivery costs.

Bodnik Bows Warranty

See here now all the bows which have the Bodnik Bows Warranty:

30070 Henry Bodnik Signature Stick
30071 Henry Bodnik Signature Stick Break Down
30039 Bodnik Bows Custom Recurve
30068 Bodnik Bows Custom Hawk
30061 Bodnik Bows Custom Hunter
30060 Bodnik Bows Custom Kiowa
30040 Bodnik Bows Custom Kodiak
30038 Bodnik Bows Custom Longbow
31041 Bodnik Bows Custom Mingo
30063 Bodnik Bows Custom Quick Stick
30058 Bodnik Bows Custom Take Down
30029 Jagdrecurve Crow
30048 Jagdrecurve Grizzly Hunter
20008 Jagdrecurve Hawk
20018 Jagdrecurve Kodiak Hunter
31008 Jagdrecurve Mingo
30041 Jagdrecurve Redman
20013 Jagdrecurve Redman Long, 64″
30069 Langbogen Cayuga
20003 Langbogen Dakota
30012 Langbogen Slick Stick
30045 Langbogen Quick Stick
28002 Langbogen Raven
20017 Langbogen Sioux
30015 Langbogen Sniper
30005 Langbogen Star Hunter
30026 Langbogen Viper
20015 Z-Bow designed by Byron Ferguson
30118 Recurve Kiowa
30119 Recurve Black Kiows
30035 Recurve Tombow
30031 Reiterbogen Horsebow
30032 Reiterbogen Horsebow Deluxe
20011 Reiterbogen Horsebow Express
30042 Take Down Recurve Big Bear
20014 Take Down Recurve Big Bear Long, 64″
20001 Twinbow
20012 Twinbow Little, 60″
30043 Wurfarme Big Bear
30120 Recurve Ghost
30121 Longbow Phantom