Already the special trick shooter Byron Ferguson marked at the world biggest archery fair ATA 2011 in US that the quality of Bodnik Bows is excellent. With this statement „Bodnik Bows are great“ he made a benchmark and scaled our portfolio in. With a Bodnik Bow you purchase a durable and powerful bow and one of the most robust in the traditional archery worl.

In the following you find our recipe for that success

Take long term experiences and successful archer, mix some know-how of a long-term bow builder and let all manufacture from highly skilled craftsman.

With continuously improvements of the skills of our workers as well as the processes in the plant we could improve in 2011 our quality and durability of our bows significantly. To be honest – we are little bit proud of it!

This you buy with a Bodnik Bow:

  • Nice bow models
  • Correct portfolio
  • Nicely chosen wood combinations
  • Exactly tilled limbs
  • Powerful bows
  • Durable bows
  • The best quality and service management in the traditional archery world
  • Bows were a name is behind !

The difference you can feel at the first shoot !

Bodnik Bows are great (Byron Ferguson)

Custom Hunter1-02

Custom-Hawk 4-5