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Bogensport Regensburg is counting on Bodnik Bows and Bearpaw Products

we-introduceBRIEF INTERVIEW with Uwe Zimmermann from the company

For almost a year now, our partner Uwe Zimmermann has been selling our Bodnik Bows and BEARPAW PRODUCTS in the Greater Regensburg area – quite successfully! He has been seeing an ever increasing demand, even beyond his local borders. This is a good reason for us to ask him what’s going to be happening in 2018?


BP: Hello Uwe, thank you for your time. What is your news and expectations for 2018?

UZ: The biggest news was the decision to change my company name to As a result, I have improved the accessibility of my business and expanded my portfolio to an Internet shop! So now my customers can reach me, so to speak, 7 days a week.

BP: That sounds like a logical and very customer-oriented step. Is this plan consistent with your philosophy?

UZ: As an accomplished archer and participant in international tournaments, the personal contact and the individual advice that I can offer my customers is of course the main focus for me. I built the Internet shop to offer a wide range of beautiful and durable products, such as u.a. to show the bows of BodnikBows in my shop. Furthermore, my customers can now also quickly buy accessories and small parts, without having to travel long distances.

BP: So the personal connection and the knowledge that you can offer your customers is still first and foremost for your customers when they visit your store in person?

UZ: Exactly! Despite all the modern Internet presence, personal advice has the highest priority for me. In my opinion, the bow must be perfectly fitted to the shooter like a second skin. It is a fallacy, if you think – “I know my draw weight, I can just order any bow on the Internet.”

Each bow has its own personality. Even if bows are the same draw weight, the archer’s draw experience is different with every bow. Bow grips will be different, limbs, lengths, tillers, etc. Just like every archer is different, every bow is unique as well. The archer must match the bow and the bow must match the archer. This is why it is always best for me to meet with my customers, so I can help them to find the perfectly matched bow.

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UZ: The Internet shop is linked to my site bogenbau-kanumanufaktur. There I lead u.a. in the construction of primitive bows with powerful designs. I also offer arrowbuilding seminars, courses in meditative and instinctive shooting, with both mediterranean and with thumb rings.

BP: That sounds like a great selection of various training opportunities for your customers. What personal plans do you have for the year 2018?

UZ: A big highlight for me will be this year’s 3rd World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan. There we will be represented with a large team and we will even have mounted archers from all over Germany. In recent years, through my photos and reports I have been able to convince many shooters to try horseback archery and also to compete on an international level.

BP: Thank you for this brief but very interesting interview Uwe. We look forward to a successful year with you in 2018. Do you have any parting words you would like to share?

UZ: Many heartfelt thanks Henry. Above all, I am looking forward this year to working with many enthusiastic and interested archery customers, both personally in my shop, and on the new website I wish you and all your readers a successful and healthy year!

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