Bow building courses by Samuel Röck

A story

Have you ever heard of Samuel Röck? No? Then that will change from today. Discover the exciting interview with the bow builder Samuel Röck from Italy.

1. BEARPAW: How did you get into archery?
“I was 16 years old and wanted to buy a longbow. But then, after seeing bowing lessons, I decided to go with it. In the Millionenshow (Austrian “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”) was the wife of a Bogenabauers candidate. Then I looked at his homepage, was totally fascinated by him and wanted to visit one of his courses. Unfortunately he had a break of half a year at this time and I could not wait any longer. That’s how I felled an ash tree with my father and just started building the information I found on the internet at the time. That’s how my first bow came to be. And to my luck, he has kept. Soon after, I went to a shooting class and the world of the bow was no longer an integral part of my life.”

2. BEARPAW: How long have you been active in archery?
“Since 2006.”

3. BEARPAW: Why did you choose archery?
“It was not” I’ll try if I like archery “, but I’ve always felt the call for it and I was glad when I finally learned that traditional archery can be practiced professionally. The archery brings me into nature, makes me feel a tremendous elemental force and strengthens my intuition. I am fascinated by the flight of the arrow and the feeling of pure joy that I have with me.”

4. BEARPAW: What did you want to be as a kid?
“Captain on a sailing ship, like Pippi Longstocking’s dad.”

5. BEARPAW: What was the best decision in your career?
“That I dared to take the step into self-employment. In addition to the archery I am active in mechanical engineering. The precision that is needed there, I definitely bring in the bow and arrow with.”

6. BEARPAW: What do you like most about archery? What do you like most?
“The best thing for me is to hit well with primitive equipment.”

7. BEARPAW: With which bow do you like to shoot? Which arrows?
“I like to shoot my self-made primitive bow with spruce and cedar wooden arrows.”

8. BEARPAW: What are you most proud of when you think of archery?
“The greatest pride is the feeling of joy in the people who go home after a successful consultation or course with lights in their eyes.”

9. BEARPAW: Can you imagine a life completely without archery?
“No, that’s unimaginable.”

10. BEARPAW: What would be your biggest wish for the industry?
“For the industry, I wish the new products continue to be inspired by the experience and feedback of active archers.”

11. BEARPAW: Do you have a personal request?
“One of my concerns is that even beginners in archery can overcome their fear of other shooters and shooting at tournaments. For me the community and collegiality among each other is so valuable and supportive that I wish this experience for every other shooter.”

Enjoy reading.

Your BEARPAW team