Gerd Bechtel and his Bow-Emotion-Method

I have been fascinated by instinctive archery and I can’t get rid of it. It has become my life’s purpose to teach archery, whether performance-oriented, in individual coaching or in team coaching. I, Gerd Bechtel, am a performance trainer, mental coach, and therapeutic bow teacher and have developed the Bow-Emotion-Method according to scientifically founded knowledge.

Due to the often hectic and digitalized everyday life, the typical overstraining characteristics have long since arrived in the population with all its consequences. With the Bow-Emotion-Method we are clearly aligned in order to focus on the tension and relaxation for an optimal balance.

Only those who are in the “FLOW” will be able to bring their full potential to the point.
We combine archery with mental techniques and can thus specifically track down stressors. Developing visions, strengthening trust, clarifying your point of view, decelerating, releasing stress unerringly and affecting success are only a few of the topics on which I can be there to support you. Thinking – our mental strength – has a positive and negative influence on our self-image.

The way we think decides whether we feel sadness, frustration, anger or joy and happiness. We focus and reflect on your automated thinking and behavior processes in order to turn your hectic hamster wheel into your unique big wheel with a view to a relaxed future. Because one thing is for sure, we are not victims of life and have the opportunity to live our life dream, whether professionally or privately.

My opinion: “Being happy is not a condition that results from coincidences, but is the result of successful thinking and feeling the action. ”

Your Gerd Bechtel

Many thanks to our loyal partner Gerd for your thoughts and great words!
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♥ Your BEARPAW-Team