Breaking News! Bearpaw has a new team in the USA…

USA_4 (2)Jim Belcher and Tim Cosgrove seal their partnership for Bearpaw in America

Ready to get started! We now have a strong Bearpaw team ready to get to work on the North American continent!

On 01/09/2016 the important foundations were laid for a new and powerful Bearpaw strategy in the US.

Jim Belcher from Bearpaw USA  with Henry Bodnik and Tim Cosgrove from Kustom King Archery have sealed an historic partnership together.

USA_2In recent years many bow hunters and archers from both America and Canada have searched in vain for goods and services from  Bearpaw Products.

Bearpaw USA and Kustom King Archery will now actively take care of all support, and delivery of Bearpaw Products to the dealer network.

USA_5Jim Belcher, founder of Bearpaw USA, has taken on the responsibility of building a network of active Bearpaw dealers within the US.
Jim has been involved with his company Sky Archery in the USA for many years and is a passionate supporter of Bearpaw Products. Jim Belcher is a bowyer, archer and bow hunter who knows the North American archery scene extremely well!

USA_7Kustom King Archery is the largest distributor of Bearpaw Products outside of Europe and for many years has supplied dealers in North America with Bearpaw products. In the world of traditional archery Tim Cosgrove is a well known force within the USA and has been a friend and hunting companion of Henry Bodnik for many years.


During the 2017 ATA show in Indianapolis Henry Bodnik, Kustom King Archery and Bearpaw USA will stand side-by-side to introduce international dealers to our products and the new Bearpaw concept for the North American market!

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