Breaks at nocks of GoldTip – problem solved

Unfortunately, in the 2nd and 3rd Quarter 2011 a quite number of breaks at GoldTip nocks were accounted by our customers (as well as in US!). This problem was followed up very carefully from Bearpaw Products from early on, in order to be able to investigate this problem in depth at GoldTip. We collected as much as possible broken nocks for presenting them to GT. User errors at assembling or during the shooting could be eliminated from early on, as the error profile was too wide: breaks were seen at all ages of shooters, all carbon shaft models as well as in all different kinds of application.

Now GoldTip has closed its investigations and presented the results at Bearpaw in Rossach. Bob Suggit, the responsible Engineer at GoldTip for all tests, presented his result and findings in details to Harald Fischer und Christoph Unger. The fundamental problem was a special polycarbonate which GoldTip was using recently. This material was in its base structure not as strong and tough enough to withstand the stress during archery shooting. “Subsequently breaks were, under certain circumstance, unavoidable”, so Bob. In his new test runs Bob identified now a much stronger and very high durable polycarbonate, which will withstand all the stress which a nock will see in the field. So we should not see anymore any breaks from now on. The new nocks arrive in week 43 at Bearpaw Products.

Additionally, we need to notice that Bob found also that by a little change in process technology, additionally strength of the nocks could be achieved. He said that this change is not really necessary, but will add more safety to the GoldTip nocks. Therefore they will implement it into their American extrusion plant processes and therefore generate, particular in the field for the nock shaft, additional strength safety. This will happen during the next months.

Harald Fischer

GoldTip Nocke schwarz