Byron Ferguson is Testing the New Heavy Hunter Carbon Shafts

Working closely with Byron Ferguson we have made the Penthalon Heavy Hunter carbon shafts even better. There is a reason that these are Byron Ferguson’s personal arrows. Byron shoots all his spectacular trick shots with the Heavy Hunter arrows from Bearpaw Products.
He trusts in the Penthalon quality of Bearpaw.

bf with block

In an impressive shooting test into a concrete block with his 72 lbs longbow, Byron Ferguson prove the Heavy Hunters durability. We are proud to announce that we have reinvented these robust and virtually indestructible carbon shafts. These giants among carbon shafts have gotten some completely new features and benefits.

1. Attractive Footed Design (wooden shaft with spliced front part)
2. Optimized Arrow Weight (GPI)
3. New Heavy Hunter in Spine 600

1. We have been constantly in contact with Byron Ferguson and developed this super beautiful design together. Our graphic designer has implemented Byron’s requirements and developed this wonderful footed design.



2. In our opinion, the old Heavy Hunter shaft was too heavy. Byron and Henry were both interested in developing the optimal weight. The new Heavy Hunter shaft can be found in the same weight range as a comparable cedar or spruce arrow. We believe the weights of the shafts in the different spine values to be optimal.


3. Due to popular demand we are now producing the Heavy Hunter carbon shaft in spine value 600. Spine 600 is used for traditional bows with draw weights of about 40 – 50 lbs. Thus we have closed a really important gap.

Here ist he link directly to the new Heavy Hunter shafts.
(The new Heavy Hunter shafts are on their way to us and will arrive in the course of the next 2 weeks.)

Heavy Hunter Shaft Spine 600

This new giant among carbon shafts was jointly developed by Byron Ferguson and Henry Bodnik.



Byron Ferguson has brought the characteristics of this massive carbon shaft to the point with a single sentence:

“Have you ever tried to stop a train?”
Byron Ferguson