Byron Ferguson Tests Bearpaw Heavy Hunter Shafts

We have just received an email from the living legend Byron Ferguson telling us that he did some testing of the Bearpaw Heavy Hunter shafts using the “Velocitip” system by Full Flight Technology.

He used a 72# Z58 longbow and the 5575 (400 spine) Heavy Hunter arrow. The arrow weighed 556 grain with the 100 grain Velocitip. All shafts were fletched with 5″ Gateway Feathers, left wing helical.

Byron’s first shot was a flight of 4 arrows from 20 yards. At this distance the arrows retained an amazing 92.3% energy.
Next he shot a flight of 3 arrows from 30 yards. From here the arrows still retained 90% of the energy they had at launch. “Well….. except for 1 that hit with only 86% but that was caused by a REALLY BAD release on my part,” Byron wrote.

Next he plans to test the 7595 (320 spine). Although he is a little concerned that the 100 grain Velocitip may be a little light for this super heavy weight shaft (15.3 gpi), he hopes that by installing the 100 grain steel inserts he can make it work. More on that as soon as Byron has finished his next testing.

Byron Ferguson Bearpaw Products Heavy Hunter