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Byron Ferguson und Bearpaw Products

Already on Wednesday Byron Ferguson, together with his sun Zach, had been picked up by Henry Bodnik at the airport in Frankfurt. After a short break in his hotel in Coburg the visit program already started quickly. Byron was impressed by the plant of Bearpaw Products in Rossach. Here, at the centre of traditional archery of Europe, he enjoyed being around all the products which he is familiar with. Several times Byron stated: “I`m very impressed what you do here in Germany”.


Many products were checked by Byron carefully in the Bearpaw Products plant. Henry Bodnik explained the history of the company and also from some products. Many anecdotes of different products were told to Byron as they walked through the aisles. Particular, the bow stock with many nice longbows attracted the attention of Byron. At this location already some dealers had first contact with him.


At the hall of the Hotel Steiner in Grossheirath Byron Ferguson then preseted the audience at 2 PM his new product line! He explained in great details and with joy the advantages of this products and story and thinking behind. Particular the bow quiver, with lots of pearl embroidery, was mentioned many times and spoken off. Henry Bodnik then together with Byron answered all the questions of the Bearpaw Dealers. In the following you see some pictures where you can get a feeling of this afternoon event with its special feeling.

>>>>>click here – Flickr-Set Byron Ferguson<<<<<

Byron Ferguson is deemed to bet he most famous bow shooter ofthe world and is named in the same breath with legends as Fred Bear, Ben Pearson, Art Young and Howard Hill. They, together with Byron, had shaped this sports to a high extend and it would be a very different one without them working so hard for its tradition and spirit.

We are very proud to have our friend Byron here in Germany as our guest in Rossach and that we could join him on his journey!


From today on Byron Ferguson product line is at the Online Shop of Bearpaw available. They are only available at Bearpaw Dealers – Dealers can be found under the section Dealer search (right colomn) .

Following the Byron Ferguson Products:

Byron Ferguson Back Quiver: 128 Euro

Z – Bow designed by Byron Ferguson: 568 Euro

Byron Ferguson Armguard: 28 Euro

With a click to Byron you will be guided directly to the Online Shop.

Byron Ferguson Z-Bow Bearpaw Products

During Wednesday a new video was taken of our well liked series “Feel the Spirit”. On this Sunday evening we will publish section 11 with the new Odysseus Shot from Byron Ferguson on the Bearpaw Blog – a Byron Ferguson which has not been seen before like that!!!