Calendar Custom Made 16

The new bow calendar 2016
made by archers for archers!

She is a photographer, he is a graphic designer and the third in the group a managing director of the biggest archery center in Austria. The idea to publish an extraordinary bow calendar originated after a friendly meeting when we were invited to test Bernhards Private Bow Collection – all were unique and by renowned bowyers.

We see archery themed calendars from various publishers appearing every year. The challenge to produce a bow calendar was therefore very high! The focus had to be on the essentials & the project team itself was unanimous – the bow – with the aim to show the uniqueness of craft and functionality of a custom made bow so that each calendar month presented a new and fascinating image.

The bows are shown from an artists perspective in glossy A2 format. The reverse of the calendar is used as reference information and describes the bow and bowyer. The concept is to present renowned bow makers from the German speaking countries and include them as partners in the first “Bow Calendar” together with their masterpieces.

Archers will be able to see the results from November. Artistically staged, 12 page calendar with the most beautiful custom made bows of our time – as a work of reference their beauty will not be lost even after 12 months!

From November 2015 you can buy the bow calendar under or at participating bow makers.

Click here to purchase your calendar at Bearpaw Products!