Carbon Shaft GoldTip Kinetic XT Available Now!

A new GoldTip carbon shaft has found its way into our online shop: The Kinetic XT shaft! The Gold Tip Kinetic XT shaft is a very robust, resistant carbon shaft with thinner diameter than, for example, the Expedition Hunter or the Traditional Hunter. Contrary to the Hunter version, this carbon shaft is characterized by a much higher straightness and excellent flying characteristics. A really interesting shaft with the very best flying features!

● Spine: 500 Length: up to 30 inches Weight: 7.6 grs / inch.
● Spine: 400 Length: up to 30 inches Weight: 9.5 grs / inch.
● Spine: 300 Length: up to 30 inches Weight: 10.4 grs / inch.
● straightness: 003
● Quality: 100% carbon

You’ll find the new GoldTip KineticXT Shafts in our Onlineshop!