SAVE BIG! Penthalon Traditional Timber Carbon Shafting for only 1,98 Euro!

10465-01We have never been 100% pleased with the cosmetic looks of our Traditional Timber carbon shafts. The color was never quite right, it did not look as natural as we wanted it to and there were flaws in the background pattern when it was printed on the shafting. Because of this we are working in the backround to bring the Penthalon Timber Stick back.

We still have some of the Traditional Timber carbon shafts in stock that show these cosmetic blemishes in spine weights of 350 and 400 and we have them on sale!

These are cosmetic blems only – there is nothing wrong with the arrows structurally. They are excellent arrows for shooting – but now at a very low price!

We now offer these carbon shafts to you at the low price of 1,98 Euro per shaft until we clear them out of our warehouse!

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These are visual blemishes only! These Traditional Timber carbon shafts are solid, great shooting arrows at a great low price!

Only 1,98 Euro per carbon shaft!

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For your convenience, here is the technical data for the Traditional Timber carbon shafts.


Offer good while supplies last! Limited Supply! For these closeout shafts all sales are final. No returns or exchanges please.

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