Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important tasks for us at Bearpaw Products.
In everyday conversation and communication with our customers, we do our utmost to comply with your wishes.

“Especially if things go wrong, the quality of an enterprise shows.”

We take our job as a manufacturer, distributor, dealer and not least as enthusiastic Instinctive archers very seriously.
At this point, we thank you for all the nice emails and phone calls that reach us again and again and encourage us along the way.
Below we will publish some of the letters which have reached us lately.

Thanks to all our customers for letters, thanks, criticism and suggestions.
Only through you can we become better and continue on our path.

Go Bearpaw

I want to say thanks – the packages I ordered this week arrived this morning. The customer who ordered the Long-Hawk (62 inches) wants to take part in a tournament tomorrow – he will come and collect his bow tomorrow morning at 8 am. I will make the bow ready for shooting this evening after my own training session. The customer was very pleased, and I happily pass on this thank you to you and the Bodnik-Team. – THANKS!
Till next time

Archery has been my hobby for a few years now and I have been shooting a Martin Mamba with 42 # for 3 years. Last year I was taken aback by a severe illness and my performance didn’t allow for shooting with my Mamba anymore. Pain led to insecureness and this again to self doubt concerning my shooting technique. This almost led to my giving up my hobby!
The turning point for me was to buy your Little Stick with 35 #!
The effortlessness with which this bow is shot … precision, comfort and ease! I haven’t had so much fun in archery for years!

This is why I would like to thank you very much for this great bow!

Continue like this!

Since last Friday I finally am the proud owner of a Redman bow of the company Bodnik. Last weekend, I also had the time to test it intensely. I must say that I am sorry I didn’t buy earlier from you :-). The bow is, for its price, altogether perfect or super or simply awesome!

This morning I had the pleasure to telephone with Bearpaw. As I work in the telephoning field myself, and am trained in the areas of coaching and teamwork, I have to issue great praise. We only ordered a few feathers for our shooting club, the new zebra feathers, for inspection only. And I must say: your telephone ladies don’t miss any virtues concerning friendliness, cooperativeness and customer orientation (the lady asked from her own impulse in their warehouse, whether the zebra feathers were on stock).

… the arrows have already arrived today. Thanks a lot! The workmanship is perfect and so is the service!
Dearest regards,
Michael M.

Thanks for the info.
You are really great! To work with you is a lot of fun 🙂

I’m just now a little open-mouthed! You really worked that out for me? My respects!

So a Dakota in 68 inches would be possible? That’s good news! The Little Stick would have altogether been the most interesting bow, but I don’t see myself arguing on every tournament whether it is a longbow or a recurve. That’s too sad.

If it is possible to make the Dakota 68 inches long, how is its performance in comparison to the “Sniper”? Are they comparable?

Again thanks a lot and a big compliment to your great service!

Thanks a lot for sending the two pictures. I think the handle looks really great, it is very well-made!
Please tell the bowyer my compliments and many thanks!
Sadly enough, I must wait for the bow until December (christmas present). But you have surely made me incredibly curious for it!

This is hot stuff!
It sure is great fun to work with you!