Delivery Times of Bodnik Bows 1

Bodnik Bows

“Bodnik Bows are great!” (Byron Ferguson)
The words of Byron Ferguson convey his enthusiasm for our bows. Bodnik Bows are famous all over the world and inspire traditional archers on all continents.

At this point, we would like to publish a statement on the delivery times of Bodnik Bows.
We are proud of our market presence and market penetration of our great bows. It is an endorsement of our development and strategy. We do not compromise neither in terms of material nor technical characteristics. Meanwhile, every year more than 5000 glas-laminated Bodnik Bows hand manufactured by us and more than 300 individual custom bows leave our our house.

Unfortunately, this great development also has its downside. Our bowyers work with all their strength and passion. However, at the moment, we have a “backlog” of 500 bows or 5 weeks for the production of Bodnik Bows. The delivery time for many of our Bodnik Bows is between 6 to 8 weeks. Many traders wait for ordered Bearpaw bows and can only provide late. Important and big steps are taken to improve the availability of Bodnik Bows and shorten delivery times. These steps will bring significant improvements at the beginning of next year.

At this point, we ask all of our customers, dealers and distributors for your understanding.

Bearpaw Bodnik Bows Custom Shelf

The extraordinary performance and precision of our great bows convinces more and more traditional archers. We have the best warranty in the world of traditional archery. In our bow manufactory, we can respond to many individual customer requirements. Week by week, many special and individual bows are custom-made. Individual production of handles, bows, shelves and performance-optimized limbs belong to the wide range of our skills.

Bearpaw Bodnik Bows Custom Shelf