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The NEW Mingo Recurve Bow from Bodnik Bows is Now Better Than Ever!

31015-04-MingoThe Mingo is one of the most powerful bows offered by Bodnik Bows! The Bodnik Bows Mingo is well known for its amazing arrow speeds and super flat trajectories even over long distances!

Our Mingo recurve is a bow you can get excited about!

Previously our Mingo recurve was 48″ nock to nock. It was a fast bow – but could only be drawn to a maximum of 27″. Things have changed!

Highlights of the NEW Mingo at a glance!

Bow Length is now a compact 50″
The Mingo length has been changed to a compact 50″ – so now this powerful little recurve can be drawn smoothly and comfortably all the way back to 29″!

Brilliant & Beautiful Design
Our new Mingo is crafted with a black actionwood riser that perfectly compliments the bamboo limb core under our famous Bearpaw Power Glass.

Powerful Bamboo Core Limbs
To give the Mingo the most powerful limbs possible we now use our exclusive bamboo as the standard limb core. Then, to allow the natural beauty of the bamboo to shine through, and to ensure top performance, we use our premium Crystal Clear Bearpaw Power Glass on the belly and on the back of our Mingo recurve limbs.

Want one of our Mingo recurves???

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A VERY Inspirational Bow!

The Mingo from Bodnik Bows!

Every Bodnik Bow is hand crafted in one of our own manufacturing facilities. Bodnik Bows is a valued member of the Bearpaw Products Group!


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Click for information on our exclusive 30-year Bodnik Bows Guarantee