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Does the Redman have “Stacking”?

About 2 weeks ago there was a discussion on one of the Facebook platforms about the drawing behavior of our Redman. The starting point of the whole discussion was a publication from Scandinavia, which claimed that our Bodnik Bows Redman would have “stacking” when drawn to 28 inches. It was even claimed that when drawing to 28 inches a veritable “wall” would appear.

Bodnik Bows Redman

Stacking – What is it all about?
A good bow takes on a maximum of 1 – 3 lbs weight per drawn out inch. When the angle between the string and limbs has reached 90 degrees, the “stacking” area of the bow begins. This is physically determined by the angle of 90 degrees. From then on the bow draws more weight per inch. The archer perceives this as uncomfortable and hard. The bow has left its comfort zone . Shooting mistakes are significantly more noticeable and can strongly affect the shooting result .

This effect, however, can be strongly influenced by bow length and perfectly and effectively working limbs.
These eventually distinguish a high-performance bow from a cheaply manufactured piece of wood.

We take all impulses very seriously and immediately started measuring in detail 4 of standardly produced Redman bows with a bow length of 62 inches to get to the bottom of the thing.

As I personally have taken position in a Facebook post, I consider it impossible that our Redman starts stacking when drawn out to 28 inches because of the quality of our bows, the perfect work of our limbs as well as the geometry of this bow in particular.

Bodnik Bows Redman

Below the summary of the results:

Drawing behavior of the Redman with a bow length of 62 inches

The Redman is one of the fastest hunting recurve bows in the world. Despite its short length of 62 inches, it can be comfortably drawn to 34 inches. Its so-called “sweet spot” is between 28 to 31 inches. Up to that point, it takes very little additional drawing weight on. Even when drawn out to more than 31 inches there is no “stacking effect” .
Nevertheless, we recommend the long version of our Redman with 64 inches bow length when drawing the bow to 32 inches or more. With respect to the angle of the fingers on the string and the work of the recurve the longer bow can work more efficiently at such drawing outs.

Below you will find all information and measurements.

Bodnik Bows Redman

Bodnik Bows Redman

Bodnik Bows Redman

Bodnik Bows Redman