Draw of the most beautiful Javelina in the world!

Bearpaw Javelina Longlife 3d targets

We at Bearpaw believe that our new Longlife Javelina is unbeatably beautiful.

At first sight it is clear why Longlife 3 D targets have inspired archers and owners of 3 D parcours all over the world for years.

To achieve this exceptional beauty and durability Longlife has been working with artists and professionals for many years. Only thus is it possible to produce these extraordinary 3 D targets. 3 important points stand as the credo of Christoph Unger and his company’s great work.

  1. Artistic modelling according to original images
  2. Technically superior mould design
  3. The latest injection technology with high-quality components

We from Bearpaw Products are proud of the close and friendly relationship with Christoph Unger and Longlife 3 D targets.

“Longlife steps on the gas with the finest Javelina in the world”

The new Longlife Javelina will be available from Wednesday onwards in the Bearpaw Products online shop. However, you can already secure yourself your first specimen today. Estimate the weight of our new beauty and receive the very first Javelina tomorrow. Only those estimates will be considered which arrive today, June 18th, until 4pm via email.

Please send your guess to: markus@bearpaw-blog.de

Follow Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products on Facebook and experience earlier, “what’s going on at Bearpaw.” Estimates of the weight of the Javelina have been running on Facebook since Friday.
Images already 1 week earlier!

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