Dura Backstop Netting now even better!

Dura Pfeilfangnetz

The brass eyelets for securing the arrow safety nets were sometimes a weak point in the design. Although it didn’t happen often some customers experienced instances of the individual brass eyelets being pulled out.

Bearpaw Pfeilfangnetz

The new attachment method now used for our Dura back stop netting has not only solved this problem but also offers several other advantages.

  • Diverse fixing possibilities
  • Greater robustness
  • Less sagging of the net

Our Dura Back Stop Netting impresses with its quality and stopping power!

This video presentation impressively demonstrates the great quality of our Dura back stop netting. Just take a look at how Henry Bodnik and Christoph Unger test the Dura backstop netting to the extreme.

The Dura back stop netting is available at all good Bearpaw dealers or direct via the Bearpaw Shop.

Link Dura Pfeilfangnetz