Employee Training at Bearpaw

We at Bearpaw from time to time do trainings of our employees. There are some important criteria, why the constant further training of employees is necessary.
– standards must be ensured and improved;
– new techniques and information must be transparent to everybody in the company;
– we want to take account of our customers’ high demands.

Today we would like to inform you about a recently taken employee training on carbon shafts. In our company, trainings are certainly given by Henry Bodnik himself. Latest, our employees were instructed about the theoretical and practical implications of carbon shafts. In the training, each and every one of our employees could then get down to action and shorten shafts as well as apply them with components.

Especially the following points were given high priority:
– correct shortening of carbon shafts;
– arrow length as given by ATA standards;
– preparation of the shaft before applying inserts and tips;
– glueing in inserts and tips;
– use of correct glues.

We love archery!
Your Bearpaw Team