Even with the Armguards from Bearpaw everything must be right!


Actually, we never really liked the style of the armguards of our Bearpaw Fashion Series. The leather was somehow not soft enough and the color was not exactly what we wanted. Apart from this, the closing device did not exactly blow our minds either. These Velcro fasteners were neither robust nor could they be used with ease.

There was need for action!


Great leather quality
Attractive appearance
Functional closing device


These three important features had to be realized.
With a new partner at our side, we started out in optimizing these armguards and making them exactly how they should be.


Great leather quality


It is hard to put it in writing. A picture cannot convey either how high a quality this new leather is. At this point, however, we can say this much: Should you not approve of the quality of this leather, we will take back our armguard without any discussion.


Attractive appearance



The armguards Fashion, Long Fashion and Kids Deluxe are now available in the attractive colors honey brown and black. We have entered the new armguards in black into our assortment. Of course suitable to our Backquiver Raven and the Sidequiver Bearpack black!
We find the looks simply great!


Functional closing device
70077_1The new closing device is awesome. With high quality and robust clip fasteners, these armguards can be easily put on and adjusted.


Within the coming months, we will report more often about improvements concerning our leather and textile products. We also have a couple of very interesting new products hidden in our drawer.
Just check back with us on Bearpaw blog!


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