Extreme Heat Test of Bodnik Bows

Bearpaw Products is a company with a vision and a passion for traditional archery!

Our Bodnik Bows are known for their quality, robustness and performance. The dryfiring tests have astonished the world of archers and traditional archery! Our Bodnik Bows 30 years guarantee is absolutely unique!

In 2015,after many tests, we completely reworked our adhesive bonding process at Bodnik Bows. This new technological process has brought a significant leap forwards in the durability of the Bodnik Bows, which was already legendary.

Time and again we hear from archers and our dealers networks about bows from other manufacturers that have encountered severe problems caused by extreme temperatures.

  • Bows should never be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods on hot summer days
  • One should never leave a bow in a car during the summer months

How well does a Bodnik Bow tolerate extreme heat!

With our own internal heat tests we warm our bows up to 108 degrees Celsius without provoking any de-laminations! Why should we worry about direct exposure to sunlight?
Henry Bodnik

Follow the well known archer and hunter Florentin Garcia through the heat test of his Bodnik Bows Mohawk Chief in Seville, Spain!

More informationen about the superb Mohawk Chief is available via the Bearpaw Online Shop!
Link Mohawk Chief