Facelift for the Bodnik Bows Hawk

Our Hawk can look back on a long history. Even before Bodnik Bows took up this extravagant form, a similar bow geometry had been produced by different manufacturers.

The Hawk was a reliable companion for Henry Bodnik for a long time in the version of the U.S. manufacturer Black Widow. You can read more about this here on the blog in the report “From Widow to Custom Hawk”.

However, there have been delaminations in recent years in the transition from the handle to the limbs. Bodnik Bows grants an unconditional warranty of 30 years on all of our bows. This we can do because of our absolutely precise manufacturing techniques and our high knowledge of the materials.

In the case of the Hawk, we found that there was a weak point or failure in the geometry of the bow. This circumstance has led to repeated legitimate complaints. Here is some more detailed information about this issue:

1 error in the bow geometry of the Hawk
In the transition from the handle to the limbs, the angle of the attached limbs was too strong. In this area a lot of pressure builds up. Excessive force built up on the bow!

Bodnik Bows Hawk

2 Bodnik Bows solution
Over the past months we reconstructed the handle of the Hawks and built a new bow glueing form. In all tests carried out, the above described problem no longer showed.

In addition, the visual appearance of the Bodnik Bows Hawk has changed significantly. The entire middle section seems a little smaller, sleeker, and more elegant.

Below, we give you a visual insight into the changes made and differences in our new Hawk.

In the front: Hawk new model – backround: Hawk old model
Bodnik Bows Hawk
In the front: Hawk new model – backround: Hawk old model
Bodnik Bows Hawk

It is not for nothing that Byron Ferguson says: “Bodnik Bows are great!“