Fantastic Archery Fair in Wels

A story of success is being continued!

Under the direction of Bernhard Badegruber, leader of the archery center in Breitenstein, the 2nd Archery Fair took place in Wels, Austria on the 8th and 9th February.


The exhibitors were overrun with 12.000 visitors, an incredible number
for European standards. The high density of 3 D courses and great number of archery clubs in Austria was reflected by the high frequency and great number of archers and exhibition visitors.

Archery comes over big in Austria!


With great success, Bearpaw dealers introduced our new Penthalon carbon shafts to the interested archers. Especially the new Bamboo Hunters with their authentic Bamboo decor were greeted with enthusiasm. Starting next week, the new Penthalon carbon shafts will be available in our Bearpaw online shop and with Bearpaw dealers all over Europe.


The presentations, lectures and tournaments offered in Wels are unrivaled and unique for European archery fairs. Henry Bodnik, Dietmar Vorderegger and Urte Paulus gave presentations on specialist subjects and were open for discussion.


We especially appreciate the great interest archers showed in Henry Bodnik‘s presentation on the  secrets of instinctive archery. Almost 500 visitors came to listen to Henry’s two lectures to get to know more about this fascinating shooting style. Henry rounded out his presentation with a demonstration on “the right way to do the bare shaft test”, and then stood his ground for an open discussion with the interested archers.


All round, one could only see smiling faces: Dealers, producers and archers alike were happy and content.

One thing was obvious at the end of the 2nd Fishing and Archery Fair in Wels:

Europe’s most successful archery fair has found its place in Wels and in the archers’ hearts!

See you next year in Wels!