Our opinion: “The Shark Cutter feather punch is the best in the world”!

IMG_1996We werent really happy with our attempts at finding a solution for our own feather cutter here at Bearpaw . We just werent saitisfied with the functionality and durability of our self-developed punch. For this reason we decided to take our in house model out of the product range.

When the Shark Cutter, which has been developed and produced in Germany, landed on Henry Bodniks table a few months ago he was absolutely thrilled. In his experience this kind of amazing, precise functionality did not exist! After extensive tests and trials it was clear that these great feather cutters had to find their way to archers as quickly possible. Henry Bodnik is personally absolutely convinced in the quality of this product.

I even punched out my own feathers using the shark cutter for my Penthalon Hunter Extreme arrows .
For this I used a flat 4 inches long Shark shape. (Henry Bodnik)

To introduce you to the great functionality of our Shark Cutters we have produced a new episode of Bearpaw TV with Sandra Diroll.

Just watch Sandra show how great the Shark Cutter works!

The Shark Cutter is 100% German craftsmanship. Every feather punch is meticulously hand produced. Above all its about quality and functionality!

Our aim is that each and every one of you can punch your own perfect feathers at home!

Shark Cutter in Production The Shark Cutter can be found in any well stocked Bearpaw dealer or direct from our Bearpaw Online Shop.The Shark Cutter is available in many different shapes and lengths . Please take a look to see if your desired shape is available.

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