Feel the Spirit Vol.13 – The Ladies Edition


First of all, we’d like to thank all our faithful Bearpaw bloggers and fans of the “Feel the Spirit”-series. We think it’s fantastic, how you breathe life into our blog! The “Feel the Spirit”-series has meanwhile become popular far outside of the German borders. Even the people in the US are glancing at our US blog (www.bearpaw-blog.com) and are watching
“Feel the Spirit”.

As a special thanks and surprise, we have a special clip for you today. In “Feel the Spirit” Vol. 13, the Ladies’ edition, you can accompany Jule, Doro, and Yvi while roving in Norway. Not only are the three of them good traditional archers, but they also have a stunning appearance 😉

Contrary to the last volume, you can now enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Northern Norvegian coast. When Markus came up with the idea of shooting a clip featuring only our
“Bearpaw ladies”, I was as keen as mustard at once!

Please feel free to comment on how you like this volume and the whole idea – should we shoot another Ladies’ Edition?

Go Bearpaw
Henry M Bodnik