Finally – our new Feel the Spirit video for 2017 is available online!

We’re excited to announce the new Feel the Spirit video for 2017. This new film has been a long time coming. We have had plenty of opportunities to film our archery activities but we finally captured an afternoon of instinctive archery roving for this video and, as always, you will definitely ‘feel the spirit’ when you watch the most recent Feel the Spirit video for 2017.

Now it’s here – the latest Feel the Spirit video.

Every so often Henry Bodnik returns to the forest of his childhood to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to shoot a few arrows, and to feel the spirit
Last week at the spur of the moment Henry decided to grab his drone and his bow and arrows and to head to the local forest of Weitramsdorf for an afternoon of roving with his friend Cedric. For a short while Henry with his Mohawk Chief Hybrid and Cedric with his Mohawk Hybrid were lost in time as they wandered the woods in their Franconian homeland – shooting, laughing, and enjoying life.

It turned out to be a perfect day of companionship, friendly competition and lots of traditional archery. This is the day we now share with you in this Feel the Spirit 17 video. The video can be seen below – join us, share the day with us – and – feel the spirit.

Have fun and enjoy Feel the Spirit 2017!


Tom Bodnik is attending the Hermann Lietz School in Haubindia. He is a member of their video editing and production Guild and personally created our new Feel the Spirit 17. He was in charge of editing everything; all content & music. He took on the responsibility for the final production and did a fantastic job. We could not be more pleased.

A BIG Thanks to Tom for his great work!

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