Finally! The perfect shooting gloves for archery in the winter!


Archers need warm hands and smooth releases to shoot well in the cold!

When your fingers are cold and uncomfortable, it is difficult to shoot accurately. Of course, many archers want to shoot in the winter, so they need a good cold weather shooting glove. That’s why we decided to design and manufacture the perfect shooting glove system for the cold times of year. We knew that archers need protection on BOTH hands, so we developed identical winter gloves for both the right and left hands and we will offer them in pairs. This way, left handed and right handed shooters can use the same gloves!

Sure, there were challenges. We knew the glove material needed to be warm enough to keep the archer’s hands comfortably warm in the colder moths of autumn and winter – yet the glove materials could not be too thick or they would interfere with the archer’s feel of the bow and the bowstring. We had to get it just right!

We chose just the right thickness of soft warm fleece that would give us a balance between warm hands and a good feel for the bow and the bowstring. On the palms of each glove we incorporated soft cow leather to aid in both gripping the bow and in arrow extraction from targets. The fingertips are also reinforced with soft cow leather to ensure that two very important shooting requirements are met:

  • Provide sufficient protection of the fingers while drawing the bow.
  • Provide a soft yet smooth surface the allows fast, controlled releases.

Bonus – The new Winter Gloves look pretty darn good too!

The pair of Winter Glove: 26,98 Euro

Direct link to the new Winter Gloves


When the days are cold, but the sun is bright, many archers still want to get out and shoot! The problem has always been finding a shooting glove that will provide protection from the cold. With normal shooting gloves, your fingers get too cold to shoot well. With our new ā€žWinter Glovesā€œ you can shoot all day in the cold with comfortable hands and warm fingers! Our new Winter Gloves are made with soft and warm fleece to protect your hands from the cold. They have cow leather on the palms for a good solid grip on your bow and on the finger tips to give you a good feel of the sting and to ensure smooth releases for accurate shooting. If you like to shoot your bows all year, even in the cold season, order a set of our Winter Gloves today so you can shoot in confort even on the coldest days.

The perfect shooting glove for the cold days of autumn and winter!

  • Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Glove Material: Soft Warm Winter Fleece
  • Palm and Tips Material: Cow Leather
  • Package Count: One pair of shooting gloves

Direct link to the new Winter Gloves