First Dragon Hunter Tournament for Kids | Bumblebee Archery

“I’ve never spent such a great weekend”, said 12-year-old Emma after the bow tournament. This praise goes mainly to our partners Jutta and Frank from Bumblebee Archery in Volkmarsen. In September, they organized the first Dragon Hunting Tournament for children and teenagers. And all this with great weather and the castle ruin Kugelsburg as an exciting venue. We have received the following report from Wolfgang Menzel and Robert Kafko, which we would like to share with you here:

54 children took part and received the appropriate welcome gifts. After setting up their tents together directly on the castle, some of them went off to explore the parcours.
Later in the evening another highlight followed: Frank Humme led the diligent participants on a night hike through the forest. From there one could already guess the prepared campfire – over which later tasty bread with onions and bacon could be baked. Nice conversations and sociable get-togethers rounded off the first day perfectly.

After a short night, breakfast and washing, we went on to prepare for the bow tournament: 15 stations were around the Kugelsburg. These were to be mastered first in a 3 arrow round, and afterwards a Hunter round. The children and teenagers were allowed to explore the course specially designed for the tournament independently and on their own.
The smallest 5 dragon hunters were responsible for writing, searching for arrows and pulling them.

Kites, mythical animals and unicorns were “shot” using a child-friendly method. Shots, among other things from a high stand and from a wooden horse were quite attractive. There was even a real dragon, later a sought-after model! That makes of course hungry and thirsty. The better that one already passed the catering caravan on the first round. Here we had cold drinks and fresh sandwiches and snacks.
After 15 stations the shooting cards of the first round were brought to the evaluation. Now it went to the first Pfeil Hunter round. Slowly the weather became apparent, 30 degrees with bright sunshine. The cold drinks went well away.

15:00: final sprint, our kite hunters are ready and happy, all kites shot. Dismantle the bows, get packed together and wait for the winner of the award.
16:00: punctual award ceremony by Frank Humme.
Each child received a certificate with the placement, the points were deliberately not mentioned because at this event the fun and the community were in the foreground.

Hopefully this tournament will take place again next year, everyone liked it very much.

Wir bedanken uns recht herzlich bei unseren Sponsoren: